Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Savior Cares

Mark 6:30-34

He Cares About Laboring Servants (30-32)

Their Activity

The Lord Jesus Christ had sent the 12 disciples out to preach, teach and heal.

They returned and told Him all about their ministry in the surrounding villages.

They were excited about all that they had done.

His Advice

The Lord Jesus Christ called them away for a time of rest and refreshment.

He called them away from the limelight for a little while to help them keep things in the proper perspective.


He Cares About Lost Sheep (33-34)

The Lord Jesus Christ and His men made their escape from the crowds.

But they didn’t slip away unnoticed.

The people saw them leaving and recognized that the boat carried the Lord Jesus.

The people ran around the shore of the lake and were waiting on Him when He arrived on the other side.


It was 4 miles across the lake by boat.

It was 10 miles around the shore of the lake.


The Lord Jesus Christ was moved with compassion toward the people.

He was touched by their need.

He was moved by a strong desire to meet their need.

The Reasons For His Concern

The Lord Jesus Christ looked at them as a flock of lost sheep, with no one to care about them.

They were lost sheep in need of a shepherd.

They had no sense of direction.

They couldn't find their way to God.


They needed a Shepherd to come and rescue them.

They were absolutely defenseless.

They needed the Heavenly Shepherd or they would never be able to avoid the wrath of God and the fires of Hell.


They were dumb.

Apart from the ministry of the Heavenly Shepherd, they didn't even know that they were lost.

This truth must be revealed to them by the convicting work of the Holy Spirit.


The Reach Of His Concern

When the Lord Jesus Christ saw the crowd, He saw a huge group of people.

He also saw every individual in that crowd.

He saw every broken heart, every physical ailment, every emotional need, every spiritual problem; He saw them all!

Our God sees everything that happens in this universe, but He still has the ability to focus on the individual.


The Response Of His Concern

These people came to the Lord Jesus Christ for help and He did not drive them away.

Instead, He began to teach them many things.

He gave them a feast of eternal truth.

He gathered them up that day and pointed them to God.

He told them of the true way of salvation.


Are we weary in the work of the Lord?

Have we lost the joy of His salvation?

Are we spiritually tired and worn out?

Let us come to the Shepherd.

He will restore our soul.

He cares about us!


Are we a lost sheep today?

Are we out there on the wild hills of sin, away from God and all alone?

The Shepherd cares about us!

If we will come to Him, He will take us into His fold and give us the peace, the joy and the security we need.

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Joe-ann said...

These stories should give us encouragement that we are worthy in the eyes of God, so in time of distress,we shouldn't lose hope for we can be assure that God will help us.