Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blogging Is Fun

I love blogging. It's fun.

Blogging is sharing with others. Through blogging, I learn to know that I do have a lot to contribute and help others. I may not be an expert, but past knowledge and experience have helped me dealt with problems and difficulties in life. And I think I do have some good tips and advices to share with fellow bloggers and readers. Blogging makes me ready to serve and help others.

Blogging is learning from others. Through blogging, I learn to know that I do have a lot to learn. There are many bloggers out there who can give me good tips and advices on fostering family ties and friendships, on enjoying the working life, on admiring nature and the great outdoors, on cultivating good habits and hobbies, on good recipes and cooking, etc. Blogging makes me humble and show me that I am not always right.

Blogging is discovering. Through blogging, I learn to know and realize my strengths and weaknesses. Blogging helps me to improve and enhance my strengths, and helps me to correct and minimize my weaknesses. Through blogging, I learn to groom and make myself better, and enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. Blogging also opens up my narrow and prejudiced mind, widens my selfish and jealous heart, and makes me ever willing and eager to give and to receive. Blogging makes me rediscover my true self.

Blogging is knowing people. We may not see things eye to eye, but we respect and appreciate each other's stance. We treasure each other's present and contributions as we delve deeper and wider into our understanding of the issues at hand. I respect and honor all bloggers and I always look forward to learn and to share with them.

Bloggers need not be shy. In fact, bloggers assist and encourage each other to grow and progress to the road of success and victory.

Bloggers help me to make money too. LOL

Blogging makes me realize that God has given each one of us many talents and skills, and together we change and improve our world for the better.

I love blogging. It's fun.

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vhingF said...

ahemmm..I know your enjoying coz you're earnings hah...,hahahha.

nice lay out SIR.