Monday, June 8, 2009

A Meal To Remember

I can't really remember when is the last time I bring my family out for a meal.

To be able to bring the whole family out, eating something delicious and tasty, talking, smiling, and laughing amiably can be and have been a truly amazing experience.

And I have it today after a long long while.

It is so nice and I really miss it...

We spend a good time together, sharing so much affection and love, and opening up our hearts and minds. I never think we can share so much in such a short time. We are just like long lost friends.

For many months we have been busy with our own activities.

The children are busy with their studies and hobbies and virtually have no time for the old men.

And my wife has been busy with the chores at home one after one that she refuses to eat out most of the time.

And I am also busy with my workload.

Everyone has their own plans and keeps themselves occupied in their own room.

I wonder why we seldom acknowledge each other's present except during meal times.

Oh, it has been quite a while ago since we enjoy each other's company. The last time we are happily together was during the Chinese New Year in January 2009.

We realize that we miss each other and we really treasure the sweet moment we have this morning.

Come another month, the two elder children will be flying again to higher institution. The youngest daughter will be lonesome again.

The double-story terrace house will once again be quiet and cold. The three of us will once again be hiding in our secret place doing our work alone again.

Yeah, we have a nice and big house, but we miss our sweet sweet home... and our happy meal.

But that's life. And life must go on.

But at least we have a meal to remember...


KAT said...

What a great photo!! And I know what you mean about meal times.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fiesta!
Thank you for the unforgettable image and the challenging text- your words reminded the timeless values to me.

Empty Streets said...

Dropping by this wet friday morning to greet yah a blessed weekend ahead :)