Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leave Them To God

This week my wife and I were to send our son and daughter to their respective college and university.

It was a hectic week in view of the heavy workload and the tight schedule. we were indeed busy and hardly had time to breathe.

But it must be done. It concerned the future of our children. They are excellent in their studies and they deserved to further their studies in their field of interest.

They are great kids and we are very proud of them. Our son is doing medic and our daughter is dong computer science.

On Monday, we were to send our son. We put up a night in the airport. It must be quite sometime since I went without sleep for a day or two. But it was worth it and indeed a great day to remember. All of us finally did doze off automatically despite our will and determination to stay alert.

Bringing our son for his registration made us proud. All Parents greeted one another with smiles and laughter. We had many things to share for we were all very proud of our children.

Helping our son to clean up his room and buying the necessary daily supplies were also great moment of delight. Finally, we realized that our family members were so close and we had so much in common.

Parting with our son was not easy especially for me. My wife took it calmly but I was secretly in tears. Our son looked okay and he told us that he was confident to do well.

We said goodbye to our son. He looked calm and we believed he would be okay.

That evening we were on our journey home, leaving our hearts with our son.

It was not easy for us since our daughter would be leaving us for her university.

But We leave them to God, knowing that the LORD God will take good of care of them, much much better than what we can do.


Dwacon® said...

God is big enough to care for all of us...

Artist Victoria O'Neill said...

hey, we have two going off to college this year too, one across the country and one close by. It's a unique time in all of our far as God goes, wish he could pay the tuition! LOL