Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love Others As Ourselves

The Bible says "love your neighbor as yourself" and "do unto others as you would have others do unto you.". And Confucius says "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others."

So I believe it is a known fact that we love ourselves and we will do everything just for our own good.

But what about those who love to punish and torture themselves? Some say it is to purify sins and to save souls. Some say it is to discipline oneself and to rectify one's faults. So I believe they do that because they love themselves.

But what about those who often think of committing suicide? They claim that they are not willing to bear the pains and sufferings anymore. They are telling that they cannot endure the nightmare and the dark dreams any longer. But I still think they do that because they love themselves.

We look into the mirror everyday but we never claim that we are ugly. We pose and smile in front of the mirror. We comb our hair, we shave, we put on makeup, we tighten our tie, and we do everything... and still we slowly and carefully admiring ourselves in front of the mirror. So I declare the old sayings are still true: we do love ourselves.

All of us take good care of ourselves, our loved ones, our properties and everything that we have and desire to have. And we all know that we do all this because we love ourselves.

But the frightening fact nowadays is that many just do not know they love themselves. They continue to do wrong and hurt others until something happens to them. They only regret their actions after they have wounded or hurt someone. They only show remorse after they have murdered or raped someone. They only repent sincerely when the whole family is broken up or when the friendship is beyond repair. Doing things indiscriminately at the spur of a moment always cause much harm and hatred.

If only we know we love ourselves, we would be more careful in our speech, our writings, our actions and our behavior...

If only we love ourselves, we would love others as ourselves.

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Dorothy L said...

Ahhhh...the photo is as inspiring as your words.
It is so true about how people cannot find love for themselves and this is vital to being able to share love of any kind.
Forgetting that our right to life was a gift given specifically to each of us as individuals is something that must be acknowledged and appreciated in order to truly love ones self unconditionally.

We were not meant to be the other person...we were meant to be who we are.