Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Sun And Rain

It had not been raining for the past two weeks.

Everyday the weather was scorching hot and humid.

The haze was thick and visibility was poor with the indiscriminate burning.

Many were having cough and fever.

Work had become slow and arduous.

Many people were not in the mood to talk, to joke and to sing.

The working environment became difficult and stressful with the many datelines due back to back .

Trees and plants dried up and wilted with the lack of water.

A few fish in my pond had just died when the water became shallow and contaminated.

The river nearby narrowed considerably and few children were seen bathing in it.

The night was stuffy and humid.

The fans were at full blast. Many still tossing and turning all night.

So sleep didn't come easy.


Then the heavy rain came and it lifted up everyone's mood.

Many people were seen talking happily, joking, singing and laughing.

The children had cheerfully rushed to the river enjoying their swims and dives.

The trees and plants were again refreshed and revived in the soaking rain.

The fish in the pond were seen happily consumed the feed provided.

The air was stale and musty initially. But the caress of the cool breeze slowly refreshed the body, the mind and the spirit.

The weather was cool and windy again.

The rain was most pleasant and welcoming.


Then the rain stopped.

Everyone was then back to normal routine at work, at school, in life and so on.

No one seemed to thank the LORD God for the sun and rain.

What matter most was their themselves.

What is lacking in men is always the same – thanksgiving and gratitude.

How sad.


Rebecca said...

You're right, we ALL tend to forget to be thankful. You have such a great attitude!efulca

doi said...

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Mommy Kennedy said...

I have thanksgiving and gratitude for you being one of my top Entrecard droppers this week!