Monday, July 27, 2009

Does winning really matter?

Does winning really matter to you?

Some quarrel until the whole family is involved in the conflict.

Some argue until they are blue in the face, keep on insisting that they are right.

Some scream and shout until the local community is well aware of the situation.

Some use very abusive language and made ridiculous accusations and very serious threats.

Some dig out past stories and blow the whole issue way out of proportion.

Some get up and push and pull one another until some fall down and are beaten.

Reputations are destroyed, and all the money in the world can't buy them back.

Properties are destroyed and windows and doors are shattered.

Relationships are left devastated and forever changed.

And all because of selfish interests and motives.

And all because of personal reasons or interests.

And all because of jealousy and business rivalries.

And all because of big mouth, big ego, and bad judgments.

And all because of competition and fighting for attention.

Does winning really matter to you?

When you are in the field, winning is the only thing.

It is when you leave the field that you begin to feel that the price to win is too high.

I prefer friendship than enemies.

And I will make sure that I win friends always.

Life is too short to have too many enemiies on our journey.


Life Moto said...

wining is an endless struggle. if ones never giving up for fighting.
a gree with you bro. that friendship is best than enemies.
have a nice day!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I completely agree with you. Winning comes from our egos and not our heart. When we act on anything with our egos it is always the wrong path. Acting with your heart is the loving way to go.

Sandy said...

Winning is doing your best, that's what matters.

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Rebecca said...

I sent you an award! You can go to my blog to pick it up!

MD said...

Winning is important but winner cannot look down at loser because without loser there will be no winner

Mommy Kennedy said...

Thanks for being one of last month's top droppers (something we both won at)!