Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh Doggie, We Cry For You

Someone has poisoned our dog.

Doggie joined our family two years ago. It was a cute little dog and always ready with its many tricks and moves. Doggie filled our family with much thrills and excitements.

Doggie didn't like noise. He would bark at the sound of firecracker or people talking loudly in the vicinity.

But doggie recognized familiar faces and it would wagged its tail and greeted them with his familiar tricks and moves.

Dogie had mood too. Sometimes, he refused to take bath or played with you when he was not in the mood.

We didn't castrate doggie but we didn't allow him to mix freely with other dogs.

Doggie lived under a set of rules.

Doggie always shitted at his usual place and it would not go near the place again until the place was thoroughly cleaned.

Doggie had to rush out of the house to urinate. He would howled and barked until someone brought him outside the house.

Sometimes doggie needed a stroll and he would bring his chain to you.

Doggie enjoyed playing with insects and little kitten, but not bigger animals.

Doggie was very protective and he would not tolerate strangers peeping outside the house. He would rush to them and frightened them off.

But doggie listened to everyone of us. And he would always do our biddings.

But someone had poisoned doggie.

Doggie suffered more than a week, vomitting and shitting uncontrollably. He slowly became weak. We didn't have animal doctor around town and we had no experience with sick animal.

Doggie didn't want to eat for a week. It resorted to plain water which we put plenty around him.

Doggie coughed in pains and couldn't move anymore. But we were not around to take care of him because we were sending our children off by air to their respective college and university.

Doggie breathed its last. He died at about 11 a.m. yesterday morning.

Thank you doggie for filling our lives with so much joy and laughter. Thank you for accompanying us when we were sad and bogged down by problems.

Doggie, rest in peace...

Oh doggie, you will be our last dog... for we can't tolerate and accept the fact that someone will be that cruel as to poison our dog.

Oh doggie, we cry for you


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. People can be so cruel! It's unthinkable to me that anyone could do that to a poor defenseless animal.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

That's terrible! I hate when people hurt animals and give no thought to the owner's feelings. Very sad. Are you sure someone poisoned it and the dog just didn't get something accidentally? I hate thinking people are so mean.

lina said...

That's so cruel. How can someone poison another living being.

Poor Doggie. :(

Mommy Kennedy said...

Thanks for sharing!

That is so sad :-)

I just don't understand why anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal!

Mike Golch said...

big time bummer.

Lynne said...

I am so sorry to hear this and just can't imagine anyone could be so cruel to an innocent animal.
So sorry for your loss.


Anaktarzan said...

May God Bless Doggie

Anny said...

poor Doggie... i m so sorry for your loss.. she's a beautiful dog.
such cruel people...

outofthepinksky said...

That is unforgivable. Anyone who would hurt a defenseless animal, that has come to trust humans, deserves nothing good.

Anonymous said...

That is so awful...who would want to poison an animal. For shame.

shydub said...

So cruel for those people who poison such innocent dog.They should be ashamed of themselves whoever did such awful thing.

Rolly said...

I'm very touched to this post. How dare this people killing innocent lovely dog like yours. They are ruthless killer and should be punished. I'm really angry to this type of people as they are not human anymore. This dog needs more life to go along with but was shuttered with the evil minded killer.

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Reema said...

I myself love dogs, and i never understood why poeple had to poison or kill them. Animals are always misunderstood.

Im sorry for your loss. At least now all the pain he feels are gone, and he can finally rest.