Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Belong Together

"Do what is right."

This is the recurring thought that always comes into my mind every time I have unsolved problems.

Often time life can be very stressful and frustrating when the surrounding people always bend on backstabbing and fault finding.

Often time life can be very boring and monotonous when day in day out we have to keep tight on our daily routines.

Often time life can be very disheartening and lonely when all around are people who love challenges and competitions.

But I believe we can make a difference if we do what is right by listening to the heart.

We may have to adapt to the system. But once in a while, we must not be afraid to be different.

Learning to work and have fun with the people around do help to rise our spirit and cheer us up.

Sometimes I learn to count on my blessings more than looking deep into my problems, and this helps to calm me down and make me feel more thankful.

Sometimes I learn to put all my heart into the things I do, and I start to enjoy my day.

Sometimes I speak to myself quietly, encouraging myself to go on despite the troubles ahead.

Sometimes I learn not to expect too much from my subordinates, I learn to believe that they have done their best.

I learn not to voice my anger, scream aloud and insulting others on things that cannot be corrected and improved. I learn to be forgiving and forgetting.

I learn to analyze and evaluate my works so as to improve my skills and my talents.

I learn not to anticipate earthly rewards and recognitions, when I learn that God the Father will not forget my good deeds.

I learn to exercise the power of team work, for I know "Together Everyone Achieves More".

And I learn to share all I am and all I have.

It is not difficult after all when we realize that we belong together.

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