Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Thought I Love You

I was always confused about the words "love" and "like". I thought I loved somebody when actually I was obsessed with her. Because of that, I had many wasted years and many waiting dreams.

Once I thought I loved a girl because of her beautiful long hair, her quiet and gentle spirit, and her beautiful face and smile, only to discover that she was not for me and I was not ready for her.

She had her many dreams and visions, and I had mine too. But we didn't have common understandings, goals and values.

We eventually parted ways, not because we didn't like one another (we actually yearned for one another) but because we discovered that our future was not tied together; we would not be happy together forever.

It hurt so much to be separated, especially after we thought we were deeply in love.

It took me so long to discover that what I had for her was infatuation and lust. It was not real love.

It took me so long to discover that I liked her so much that I thought I was deeply in love with her.

It took me so long to realize that love was not so much an obsession and a possession. It was the ability to share, to love and to cherish, and to put someone in the very first place of our life.

It was her who had suggested the separation. And she was wiser and smarter than me... It took me 20 years to discover that love was not what we like, but what we could share with one another for life. It was love for life.... and not only love at first sight.

Thank to her, I finally found my true love... and we are happy together.

And I prayed that she had found hers too... I hadn't seen her after that day.

Sorry dear... I thought I love you...


Ms. Anne said...

Hi Teacher :) That was a nice one. Good sharing. The last sentence reminds me of a song I used to listen years back entitled "I knew I Loved You" by savage Garden.

Duncan said...

That's a very insightful post! I know exactly what you mean as I have gone through that too. You put it very succinctly.

Anonymous said...

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gLoR!e said...

So should I say to him: Sorry dear.. I thought I love you! huhuhu it really hurt..:( This true..i agree!:)