Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Human Being Don't Bark

In the midst of a dog fight, some dogs will join in while others will stay at the side, wagging their tails. Then there will be multi dogs barks and multi dogs bites. The large and ferocious dogs win most of the time. But sometimes it is the small dogs that stay united and that can withstand the pains that ultimately triumph.

When dogs fight, most people will stand by the side, talking, smiling, and laughing. The dog owners may show some concerns, but few will react by pouring buckets of cold water to disperse them.

In the midst of human quarrels and fights, some of us may join in and take side. Some will just stand at the side. Sometimes the sharp mouths and those who can shout and scream win the race. Sometimes it is those who remain calm and silent.

When people quarrel and fight, some of us will just stand by the side, watching and talking. The family members may react by pulling them away, and bringing them elsewhere.

Human being just don't simply bark at one another; we reason with one another and we reason well.

But what if some decide to bark at others? Then let them bark. We don't have to bark them. After all we are not dogs that like to bark. Just stay calm and continue to do our works.

What if they use abusive and intimidating language? Then let them wallow in their anger and hurt themselves. We don't have to get angry because others are angry.

What if they are inclined to harm us? Just excuse ourselves and walk away.

We don't have to bark back or get angry at an angry dog that cannot stops barking.

We human being reason and we reason well. We don't bark at one another.

Happy reasoning.

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