Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breaking News And Headlines

Can't believe that I am reading, watching and hearing more news on heroin trafficking, gang rape, houses on fire, multiple car accidents, gruesome murder and assault cases, racial and ethnic conflicts and violence, shameful scandals of famous people and film stars...... from the mass media these day.

They are our newspaper front page news and the leading headlines of our national TVs. They always manage to capture our attention and stir up our emotion everyday!

Many of us cannot get away from reading newspapers and watching TV these days. We have started reading and watching them every since we were excited about the world we live in. And now they have occupied much of our time.

We seek facts and information to help us live a better life. We are eager to find tips and guides to help us in all we do.

In fact, the mass media has been a great help to all of us.

But then feeding on too much of these negative, sensational and frightening news will not do us much good.

Too often, we love to speculate and interpret the details our own way, making them more dramatic and exciting. Without us realizing it, we have become rumor mongers spreading lies.

Too much of these news and headlines also make us cannot really concentrate on our work at hand. Once in a while, we will become unduly worried about our children, our home, our properties, our safety, our concerns.......

Maybe our mass media should talk more about the positive side of things.

Maybe they should talk more about how firemen worked hard to save lives and properties, instead of how fire destroyed lives and properties.

Maybe they should talk more about how crimes are solved and criminals are punished, instead of highlighting on how crimes is committed and the gruesome details on the suffering of the victims.

Maybe they should talk more about family love and care, healthy and productive activities, racial unity, harmony and peace, instead of focusing on scandals and rumors, controversies and conflicts, poverty and inequality, broken home and family........

Positive and negative news are both necessary to enrich and improve our lives.

Let us see them all in the front pages and headlines.

If possible, please give us more positive, uplifting, and reassuring news.

Isn't life wonderful?

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

I agree that they should report on more positive aspects as well however we need to know what's happening in our communities no matter how horrific because we have to be aware of our surrounding and how to protect ourselves.