Friday, March 12, 2010

Loan Sharks

Loan shark runners splashed red paint on the walls of the other flat units but spared the defaulter’s unit with the hope that he will feel guilty and pay up the loan.

Notes were also found outside the flat by the victims when they woke up. The notes, which also had the defaulter’s photocopied IC, read: “It’s him who got you into the mess! We will be back.”

The defaulter’s mother admitted that her son owed a loan shark a sum of money but he had not been home for months.

“He had wanted to pay his debt by installments but the loan shark insisted on paying the full amount,” she said.

She added that a loan shark runner came to her flat twice. Then one day, he left a note which read: “You keep on saying you will pay tomorrow. Don't ever think we are stupid. You will face the consequences!”

“Every night I didn't sleep until about 4am. They must have come at about 6am. I won't be lodging a police report as my unit was not affected,” she said.

It was learnt that the victims had lodged a complaint to the flat management over the matter.
As I read and read the news again, my heart shuddered. Suddenly I feel chills go up my spine.

I was wondering why there were so much loan shark activities around.

I was thinking of the excessive spending habits of our people.

Why do we resort to borrowing?

Why can't we limit our spending just to what we need and what we can afford?

Why must we incur the insurmountable debts?

I was wondering what type of son would leave the mother alone in the home for months to face the traumas. Why did he leave his old mother to be tortured like that?

She most probably found difficulties getting out of the house to buy her needs, and she already had trouble sleeping every night.

Why all the hiding?

I was pondering the rationale behind the loan shark's runners' act of splashing red paint on the other flat units, and not on the wall of the defaulter's unit.

Why must they create more problems?

Why must the others suffered for what this man did?

Why all the the red paint and character assassination?

I cannot solve these many whys. But I know there are always problems of competition and tolerance living together in a flat. It is never easy to live very close to one another.

But I am on the side of those who spend money wisely and carefully.

We spend on what we really need.

And we spend on what we really can afford.

We have enough for ourselves in our little home and we are satisfied.

And surprising at the end of the day, we have some left over for others.

Leave us alone, loan sharks.

We don't need you.

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The Prince of Centraxis said...

Sharks are killers. No-one in their right mind would have anything to do with them unless they were in truly desperate straits - but gambling takes many forms.