Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Humans Are Selfish After All

Are humans selfish by nature? Is it okay to be selfish?

I believe so. And I believe there is nothing wrong with being selfish.

Everyone needs their own room to explore, to experience, and mostly importantly to succeed.

Everyone needs their own room to think, to examine, to read, to reflect, to consider and decide.

There are times when we even need our room to scream, to shout, to cry, to mourn, to repent, to meditate, to pray and to submit to God.

We are born alone, each into our own room.

We have our own dreams, visions, and ambitions.

We have our own feelings, compassion and love.

We have our own doings and dealings.

Yes, we care about our own skin, and our everything.

We are concerned mostly about our own things, and everything that comes along our way.

And yes, we want to excel in everything we do and be successful in life.

There is nothing wrong in wanting to excel.

In fact, it is our duty to excel in everything we do.

Our chief aim in life has always been to please God and enjoy His present.

In saying so, I am reminded of the fact that God has created our forefather Adam to tend the Garden of Eden.

This has always been our lot in life: to live and work for the glory of God.

Of course, we are reminded to love others.

In fact, Adam couldn't live alone without human companions and partners.

And that is why we live together in family, community, society, and as a nation.

We are the world, and share and help one another.

We create our world and our civilization as a body of people.

While recognizing and celebrating our similarities, we also continue to maintain and tolerate our differences.

We each still go to our own room, and that is for life.

Yes, humans are selfish after all.

I cannot and won't deny it.

But we love one another.

We desire to share what is good, right, just, fair, true, beneficial, loving....... with one another.

Of course, there are many other considerations.

We don't give pearl to swine. We don't share with those who don't need or want it. It is just a waste of time and effort on our part.

We feed others what they need and want to know. We don't withhold truths and goods that inspire, encourage, build up, and strengthen others. But we also don't feed them excessively to give them the impression that we know more and we want to be distinguished and acknowledged.

When we share, we share with the intention to help and to edify.

To share for the purpose of advertising and portraying oneself will only bring about untold jealousy and strife. And there is no point in making enemies unnecessarily.

It is good and required of us to excel in everything we do.

But it is also praiseworthy to help others to live a better life.

Each of us must be made to know, feel and work all those that are excellent for life.

And we share what is necessary and helpful, for the betterment of one another.

Talking for the sake of talking is a waste of time.

So is idly around doing nothing.

It is time for us to work hard for the good of us all.

Join a good company to learn and share. Avoid companies that intimidate or magnify and glorify people.

If we can learn everyday a new thing and help others to make each day a better day, we have done our share.

Yes, humans are selfish after all.

But it has always been for the betterment of one another.

There is no secret in living together: Love your neighbors as yourself.

Keep to your own room....and share when you are required and invited.


Kevin Georg Paquet said...

being selfish? okay, being selfish is fine, but just until a certain extend. our parents aren't selfish, giving us food and helping us grow, are they?

Yours truly,
Kevin Paquet -
Hope you'd visit back

Lydia said...

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Sandy said...

I disagree with you, I don't believe people are selfish, nor do I think it's ok to be selfish.

Each day I've passed by dropping x 3 (once from each of my blogs, traveling suitcase, Sandy's Space, and Bridge and Beyond). And each day I've seen the title of your post it made me frown.

I believe people are kind, good, and giving. I also believe people often care more for someone else then they do themselves, they make sacrifices each and everyday which benefits others. I think if we look for good things in others we see it; but if we look for negative things....such as the trait of selfishness then we'll find it instead of the good traces.

I don't believe most people are selfish, I am reminded daily of quite the opposite when I see how kind, caring, and giving people are. Bridge and Beyond certainly proves that daily to me, and to others too I hope.


I really wish people would add name and url to their blogs, the generic google thing is annoying, it only takes you to someone's profile page which takes more time, then you have to guess which blog they venture to you from.

Shed Life said...

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