Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dilemma Of A Married Man

It was a Saturday morning when I usually filled up my petrol tank.

A childhood friend walked past me as I drove out the petrol station.

I looked at him, waiting to greet him.

But he never once looked up; he looked straight at the floor and mumbled something to himself.

I knew he did see me. But I couldn’t understand why he avoided me.

This wasn’t the first time; it had happened several times in this month.

I remembered calling him once but I received no response from him.

He looked rather haggard and drained every time we met.

I felt sad and deep down I cried for him.

We were very good childhood friends; we used to go and had fun together.

And I knew his family. He was one of the three adopted children; the eldest being a sister, and he was the elder brother.

Many had said that he would be the expected heir since he was the eldest son. But thing didn’t happen that way.

I heard rumor that he had tricked his adopted parents into opening another business venture. And they had since lost faith in him.

I heard later he got married and had children.

And then I saw him opening a car accessory shop.

But few years later, he just disappeared into thin air.

I didn’t know what had happened after that.

And now I saw him again and he was so different; I just couldn't recognize him anymore.

Life can sometimes be hard and treat us unkindly.

I don’t know what has happened to him and why his late foster parents didn’t favor him.

But now that I see his younger foster brother enjoying the inheritance, I pity him.

I wondered why he was so impatience and so eager to squander his parents’ riches.

Why couldn’t he just lay low, learn to be a loyal child and win his parents’ confidence and trust?

I feel sad for him.

The dilemma of a man with wife and children.......

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