Friday, August 13, 2010

Life Is People

Imparting knowledge and skills to others can be both fun and profitable, especially to those who are eager to learn, dedicated to their studies, and persistent in finding the ultimate goals of their life. There are always these feelings of belonging, closeness, intimacy, caring, sharing and connectivity between the teachers and students, manifested in all their splendor and perfection. Coupled with the conducive and appropriate environments and materials, teaching and learning processes have progressed and reached an all time high in due time, bringing fame and glory to the institution and the place nearby.

The opposites are true as well; there will always be those who are unwilling to teach to the best of their ability and those who insistently refuse to learn. Thing turns sour and relationship becomes tense and emotionally draining. Nothing much can be done and accomplished in such environments.

Teaching can be boring when it becomes just a daily routine of work, when there is no zest in it.

Learning too can become a lifeless and passive process when no one seems to mind or care about it.


Then comes the final countdown, when test and exam are at hand.

Everyone starts finger pointing and shifting blame. No one wants to admit their wrong; everyone pushes it to others. Teachers blame the students for not studying and students blame the teachers for not teaching them well.


Teaching is a lifelong process that requires much contemplation and keen observation. Not many dare to claim to be experts in the many areas of teaching.

Learning is a difficult process that requires much time and effort; many are still scouting and trying suitable and appropriate means to correct and improve their present learning skills.


Everyone is both a teacher and a learner.

It is just that we always like to wear a mask that is not ours in the eyes of the public. We claim to know things we don’t know and we are happy about it.

As long as everything runs smoothly, everyone smiles secretly and sheepishly.

As one as it doesn't involve me; it's okay.

Not me, not me...


Then comes the bell, the teachers leave the classrooms with books and papers in their arms. They walk rather straight and look very serious; some are really exhausted while others are happily smiling away. It is just another day of work, and the pay day is coming.


Years later, when the teachers and students meet together, a haunting question comes to the ears, "Teacher, do you still remember me?" The teachers look up, hesitate to answer, look rather worried and don't really know what to do.....


Life in this world isn't just live and work, retire and rest; it is not just showing our faces in public and rapidly getting away from the prying eyes of others.

Life is more of sharing and communicating, loving and caring, meeting and smiling and laughing, singing and dancing, and doing things together.......

Life is people.

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