Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lo! Just Look At The River Flows

A moment of deliberation has become my habit and my mindset these days.

When something new and unfamiliar comes to life, there is always this moment of hesitation and indecision. There are always things to ponder, consider and reconsider. No longer will I dare to rush headlong into the uncertain future; no longer will I want to try my luck after making a mess of my life.

Even when I'm dealing with something usual, familiar, and repetitive, there is always this sense of awe and foreboding. And then the question pops up: "Am I doing the best I can or is there a better way?"

Somehow the desire to live life to the fullest and to share all that I have to offer has slowly developed its shape and scope throughout these years.

Every man creates history, shapes his or her destiny, and fosters changes. But just what sort of impacts or influences have I made thus far? Is it positive or negative impacts or influences? Am I a helpful solution or an irritating nuisance? Do I serve as a catalyst or a deterrent?

Somehow this sense of hesitation and indecision has slowly crept into me. And it is taking me longer and harder to make decisions when given short notice.

Everyone wants it fast and everything needs to be done fast. Sometimes I just wonder whom am I living this life for and whom am I trying to please.

Lately I enjoy watching the river flows. The river continues to flow smoothly; and somehow all the dead logs and branches along the way are swept away.

May be that is part and parcel of my life.

May be I need to let nature runs its course.

Lo! Just look at the river flows……..

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