Saturday, August 7, 2010

“Teacher, Do You Still Remember Me?”

“Teacher, do you still remember me?”

I looked at my ex-student, vaguely remembered him or her.

It has been my 24 years in the teaching profession, and I am proud to be a helpful teacher to my students.

Some of my ex-students have become parents and grandparents.

Many of them have their children and grandchildren studying in the same school.

I remember many of them; in fact, we have a good time together whenever we meet.

The use of Facebook has greatly enhanced our friendships, and brought more and more of my ex-students to me.

I am proud my students still remember me. God knows how much they mean to me.

If there is a respectable profession in life, teaching is one of them.

Lately I am haunted by the question, “Teacher, do you still remember me?”

Memory has failed; I have problems remembering things these days.

It is rather depressing to look at the innocent face when I can’t remember even a single thing about my ex-student; how very disappointing it is for him or her.

I never know my memory can deteriorate, that I can become more forgetful and confused.

The ability and readiness to forget some sad episodes in life is fine with me.

But to forget about well-cultivated friendship and relationship is just inexcusable.

It is time for me to strive hard to remember, and if possible to write everything down.

There are many sweet memories, unforgettable events, and surprising happenings to be remembered and cherished.

My sincere answer to my ex-students is to apologize, and then earnestly ask them to help me to remember.

“Teacher, do you still remember me?”

I Sigh!

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