Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Address People?

I was surprised by some students who would address their teachers by their profession or job title: "Good morning, teacher", or "Good afternoon, sport/discipline teacher." These sound strange for me and I wonder if it is a new trend or it has been there for some time.

Then there are some young people who would address their family members or elders as "Hi", "Dude", "Hey", or "Buddy", just as they would call their friends. I have bad feelings about these; I don't think these are appropriate ways of greeting.

I would prefer people to address us by our name, our title or both. It would be nice if people can call us "Mr John" when our name is John, or "Madam Lucy" if we are older and our name is Lucy.

I am not trying to be fussy. But I believe there must be proper respect and honor among civilized people. And I think good attitudes and behaviors need to be inculcated in our young people.

Some of us just can't care less how people address them. They are happy if there are some who would just raise their hands or nod their heads or say "Hi".

Of course I am not in favor of creating human barriers among people by advocating strict rules. But I believe we should learn to submit to one another in our relationship. After all, we are told to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Courtesy and good mannerisms are important qualities in our lives. We must learn to use the right words such as "Thank you" or "I am sorry", and to greet people appropriately.

Good attitudes and behaviors are keys to good relationship, and need to be cultivated early in our lives.

How I wish our younger generations can be more careful in their speech, action and behavior.

What do you think about these?


Dennis said...

Hoping for other article regarding this, looking forward specially in using the title Mr. Thanks said...

Thanks Dennis. Welcome aboard.