Friday, May 13, 2011

Online Full-Time Earning

My friends are talking about earning full-time online. I love the idea; I am for it, though I only earn part time online at the present moment. I thought through, whenever it was mentioned, carefully weighing the pros and cons, and decided that it wouldn't work for me at least for the present moment.

I am a full-time high school teacher, and I love teaching teenage boys and girls in school. I love to see them chasing after knowledge and wisdom; asking questions and looking for answers every now and then. I love to hear them chasing after their goals, always talking and dreaming about entering an established university or college.

But sometimes, after doing the same things over and over again, I do get bored of what I am doing everyday. Maybe we all need a change sometimes, even for a short moment, doing something different and truly unique, or something we really want to do everyday.

A freelance work would be nice; maybe that's why some people prefer to work alone online and offline. I admire book writers, photographers, artists, musicians, etc., who enjoy working on their own and making big time money. Can earning online be one of them too?

Many young unemployed graduates are trying their luck on earning online too. But after many trying and failing, some of them finally give up and prefer to work with people for a rather low pay. Maybe earning full-time online is still a big dream for many of us.

It takes time and effort to know and deal with the trade if we are to make it. Success doesn't come easy. But I strongly believed if we are for it, we will be able to make it.

Online full-time earning is not a dream; some have made it and are now enjoying the fruit of their labor. But we must also humbly admit that not everyone is suitable for every job. Some of us need to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Online full-time earning...

Will it be a reality in the near future for me?

Or will it remain to me a wild dream?

I smiled, shaking my head... and sighed.


WAHMBrenda said...

I work full-time online as a freelance writer. I'd never thought it would be possible until it happened to me. said...

WAHMBrenda, thanks for responding. How I wish I can be like you. But I have family commitment and I dare not take the risk.