Saturday, May 7, 2011

Negativity Can Kill

Negativity is not your friend!

Negativity will kill you if you don't stop it now!

Negativity can kill the body, the mind and the spirit!

Negativity can make you feel bad, drain your energy, weaken you and diminish your capabilities.

Negativity can turn you away from the very things that will make you look healthy and look your best.

Negativity has filled the world with so many critical people.

These are master fault finders and flamethrowers.

And they seem to be everywhere.

And there is really no getting away from some of them.

Sometimes, negativity can kill relationships and businesses.

Negativity can kill your chance of landing a great job.

Negativity can kill a great project that you have planned and implemented.

Negativity can kill your dreams and prevent your from reaching your goals.

Negativity can kill your excitement and keep you from living a motivated life.

Avoid negativity in your life by all means.

Negativity is definitely not the best way forward.

Negativity is not a healthy way of life.

You must stop it before it short-circuits your chances to live long.

If you think positively, feel positively, and live positively, positive things will happen to you.

Run away from negativity all the time.

And flee from it as fast as you can!

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