Thursday, May 26, 2011

Visiting My In-Laws

Someone asked, "How often do you visit your in-laws?"

The question came as a surprise; I didn't expect it to come, surely not when we were having our tea break.

But I loved it; it was a good question to discuss.

We had been doing mind exercises like this when we came together to talk and share and relax. No, we don't enjoy spreading rumors, backstabbing, and criticizing others. Instead we always thought of something to enrich and improve our lives.

Sipping a cup of hot Milo, I slowly thought through...

It must have been quite a while since I last saw my in-laws. I smiled a embarrassing smile, feeling rather guilty to my wife. How could I forget?

I looked at my friends; some of them were doing the same.

Somehow I had been busy with my works and my daily routines that I had forgotten about them. How could I?

Why didn't my wife mention to me? Oh no! She must have hinted to me a few times, but I was not paying attention.

But my children were having their studies and busy with their school activities! But how about the many weekends?

They must have aged, or are they sick? Do they require anything?

My best friend noticed my musing, shook his head and we had a rueful smile. We were in the same boat...

Come this weekend, we must go and visit my in-laws, I promised myself, and got ready to tell my wife.

Surely not this long. How could I? I reasoned within, thinking how I'm to tell my wife...

How often do you visit your in-laws?

Are you planning to visit them this coming weekend?


Sandi said...

I absolutely adore my inlaws. I really do. I haven't seen them in a long time because they moved fairly far away from us. They are coming up for a visit in June though. We're all pretty excited. :) said...

That's good news. You must be missing one another. Life can be tough when we are far away from our loved ones.