Thursday, December 22, 2011

Believer's Song

Psalm 18:1-3

King David declared his love for the Lord.

He was so filled with love for the Lord that he wanted to get real close to Him and hug Him.


King David declared his absolute dependence upon the Lord.

He planned to live for the Lord, to love the Lord and to depend on the Lord for everything he needed, did and was in life.


David’s praised God.


It was praise for a personal God.


It was praise for a powerful God.

To him, God was his rock where he found his stability.

To him, God was his fortress where he found his safety and perfect peace.

To him, God was his deliverer who saved and rescued him in times of danger.

To him, God was his God who was over all things and who was in control of all things.

To him, God was the strength of his life.

To Him, God was his shield who stepped between him and his trials.

To him, God was the horn of his salvation. He was totally secure in Him.

To him, God was his stronghold with a place of rest, refreshment and ready supply.


David’s pledged to call on God and to trust Him and Him alone for the victories of life.

He pledged to walk by faith and not by sight!


God is all that the Bible says He is and even more.

We are to love God, to live for Him, and to depend on Him for everything in our lives.


Let us be like king David.

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