Friday, December 16, 2011

Blessed Believer

Psalm 1

Believer is separated from the wicked.


He refuses the counsel and invitation of the wicked.

He refuses to behave like them.

He refuses to belong to them.


Believer is careful how he lives every day.

He is careful not to go from bad to worse.


Believer is in love with the word of God.


The Word of God has captured his full affection.

It is the Word of Truth.

It is God-breathed and infallible, inerrant and absolutely perfect.


Believer loves the Bible, finding in its pages all he needs to grow and prosper for the Lord Jesus.


Believer is attentive to the Word of God.


The Word of God has captured his full attention.

He lives out the Word of God daily.

The Bible has become his singular standard for faith and practice.

Every thought, every move, every decision he makes is made according to the Word of God.


Believer spends his days and his nights in the pursuit of the Bible.

He is consumed with its content and mesmerized in the meditation of it.


Believer will prosper.


Believer lives close to God every day.

He is vibrant, lively and productive, because he is connected to an unfailing source of life and strength.


He is prominent among all those around him.

He has his roots deep into the water of life.

He has a ready source of life.


Believer is a blessing to all those around him.

Plenty of fruit will come in its season.


Believer is evergreen.

He lives consistently!

He is always stable, faithful and dependable.


Believer is blessed.

God will bless his personal life, family life, business life, church life, and spiritual life.


Blessed believer!

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Francis R. Barbour said...

Indeed, A True Believer benefits from all of those Character Traits... and that's why, he studies The Scriptures very diligently! Because, sometimes, we are being lied to; and wouldn't otherwise know it....