Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Truth

Mark 10:23-31

As the rich man walked away, the Lord Jesus looked around at His disciples and made an astonishing statement.

He said that people who possessed the riches of this world would have great difficulty to enter into God’s kingdom.

The problem was not with the person having the money.

The problem was when the money had the person.


The disciples were amazed at His statement.

The Jews saw health, wealth, and prosperity as blessings from God.

They had the example of rich Abraham, David, Job, and Solomon.


The Lord Jesus sensed their amazement and He clarified what He meant.

First, He called them, “Children”.

That was a term of endearment.

Then He told them that people who trusted in riches would find salvation impossible.

It would be like trying to stuff a camel through the eye of a sewing needle.

This was a hyperbole, an exaggeration used to emphasize a truth.

The Lord Jesus was referring to a literal camel and a literal needle.

If a person trusted in their riches, he or she would not go to Heaven!

The rich man’s wealth was the focus of his faith.

His wealth was his reason for living.

And he refused to let it go.


Those who sought salvation in their own resources would be disappointed at the end of their lives.

They would find that their money, fame, power and position couldn't provide them with the salvation for their souls.


The disciples were dumbfounded by what they heard.

They responded by asking, “Who then can be saved?”

They realized that everybody could be caught up with the things of the world.


The Lord Jesus told them that though men might find it impossible to break the hold of their things, but God in His power, could set them free.

If the rich man would obey the Lord Jesus, He would have given him grace to relinquish his hold on his wealth.

He would have saved his soul, and blessed him with heavenly and spiritual riches.


Peter spoke up.

He told the Lord Jesus that they had left everything to follow Him.


The Lord Jesus responded by saying that God saw, recorded and rewarded every sacrifice that was made for Him.

And God would reward them far more in their future than all that they had left behind in their past.


But there was a price to pay in following Jesus.

Difficulties and trials would come because of commitments to God.

But God would bless His people in spite of any trial they might face along the way.


The Lord Jesus promised eternal life.


But those who were first in this world would finish last in the race to Heaven.


In God’s eyes, it is not riches that make a person somebody special.

It is faith in Jesus.


The poor and faithful servants will have God’s attention.

And they will be rewarded accordingly.


What do we trust to take us to Heaven?

Anything but the Lord Jesus will ultimately fail.


What is our attitude toward our money?

Money must always be used as a tool in our service to the Lord.


What have we given up to follow the Lord Jesus?

The Lord God will reward us much more than we can imagine.

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