Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Assurance In The Secret Place

Psalm 27:1-5

God will personally guide His people.

He will actively guide them.

He is intimately involved in the details of everything in their lives.

He is working in their lives day by day, guiding them step by step.


God will powerfully guard His people.

He will hide them in His pavilion. A pavilion is erected in the middle of the army's encampment. It is surrounded by an army of brave soldiers. It is the safest place on the battlefield.

They will be protected from their enemies.

They will have the joy of the Lord God always.

They will face the storms of life with confidence and victory.


God will show them His profound glory.

He will hide them in the secret place of His tabernacle.

They will be in the place of worship.

They will be in a place where the very presence of God dwells and the glory of God can be seen.

It is a place where the enemy dares not follow.

It is a place where God meets with His people alone.


God will give them His precious grace.

God will set them high upon a rock, a place that is unchangeable, powerful and immovable.

They are promised a place of refuge that will lift them far above the battles.

God’s grace will carry them far above the attacks of all their enemies.

God’s grace will be with them to weather the storms.


Some applications.
  • Let us abide in the secret place of God.
  • Let us seek His protection and provisions.
  • Let us enter the place of safety.
  • Let us see God and experience His grace and glory.

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Elvirah said...

God's grace is abundant up on his people and he's always a great counsellor, guide and wonderful father.