Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let Us Not Be Ashamed

Psalm 31:1-24

Let us not be ashamed to possess Him.

He is our God.

It is not a sign of weakness to express a need for God.

God is our source of strength, comfort, security, and refuge.


Let us not be ashamed to profess Him.

If we possess Him, we need to profess Him.

We must not be ashamed of people knowing that we are Christians.

We must hold our head high and proudly tell the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is ours.


Let us not be ashamed to pray to Him.

Praying is not a sign of weakness.

Prayer is a demonstration of power!

The real weakling is a person who thinks he can handle everything himself.

Prayer is the Christian's greatest resource.

It opens the bank of Heaven and unlocks the power of God in our lives.

Let us use it liberally!

There are 2 areas of life where we need to be avowed liberals.

One is in the area of giving.

The other in the area of prayer!

The Lord Jesus Christ promised to hear us and help us.


Let us not be ashamed to praise Him.

We have much to praise Him!

We are commanded to praise Him.

It is our duty to praise Him.


Let us not be ashamed to present ourselves to Him.

We are not worthy to enter His presence as we are, but through the blood of Jesus we are declared worthy!

We are to present ourselves now in service.

We are to present ourselves in Heaven unashamed, because of what the Lord Jesus Christ did.

Through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ we will be able to present ourselves before Him in Heaven.


Let us not be ashamed to prescribe Him.

He is the cure for the disease of sin.

The Gospel is healing medicine for every sick soul.

We must tell others about Him.

We must never be ashamed to witness.

We must be proud of who we are, whose we are, and tell others how they can become that also!

We must tell the lost about the Lord Jesus Christ.


Some thoughts.
  • We must never be ashamed of anything to do with the Lord God!
  • The Lord God is never ashamed of us.
Let us never be ashamed of God!

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Fishlover said...

I believed in prayer. Thank you for sharing this.