Sunday, January 29, 2012

Celebrating Time

There are always good reasons to celebrate.

We celebrate our festive seasons. We welcomed the New Year 2012. We are in the midst of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2012 celebration. Festive seasons are always happy occasions to celebrate. We have our family reunions. We have our sweet times together with our relatives, neighbors and friends. It is always fun time, and we used to wish one another luck and the very best for the future.

We celebrate during our times of wealth, prosperity, and prestige. We celebrate during our times of peace, stability, and security. We celebrate when we enjoy longevity, good health and youthfulness. They are always great times to celebrate, since everything is going well, and everyone is at their best.

We also celebrate when someone(s) among us come to their senses after an extramarital affair or after making some grave mistakes. It is time to reconcile, to forgive and to forget. It may not be easy. It may pierce the heart and prick it. But who doesn't err? Let those who have not erred cast the first stone.

Then we celebrate the success of others dear to us. We celebrate when everything runs smoothly in our lives and there are always some pleasant surprises along the way.

There are always good reasons to celebrate.

Are you celebrating now?

I am, eating some sweet and juicy mandarin oranges.

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