Monday, January 9, 2012

Hope In The Midst Of Battle

Psalm 27: 1-6

Confidence in the Lord provides hope (1-3).


David had confidence in the Person of the Lord.

He called the Lord his light, his salvation and his strength.


As light, God delivered him from darkness.

As light, God guided his steps.


As salvation, God delivered him from damnation.

As salvation, God secured his soul.


As strength, God delivered him from defeat.

As strength, God guaranteed his success.


David had confidence in the performance of the Lord.


David declared that his present hope in the Lord rested upon that which the Lord had done for him in the past.

God did not fail him then, and He would not fail him now.

The God he served was unchangeable.

He is the same God with the same power that He has always been.

He has never, and He will never change.


Commitment to the Lord provides hope (4).


David was committed to lingering near the Lord.

David wanted to spend his entire life in the house of the Lord.

He wanted to be in that place where the Lord dwells and where the Lord’s presence is real.

David wanted to be where the Lord is honored and where He is worshiped.

He desired that place of closeness and intimacy with the Lord.

He wanted to linger in God’s presence all the days of his life.


David was committed to loving the Lord.

David wanted to behold the beauty of the Lord.

He wanted to seek His face.

He was committed to worship the Lord.


David was committed to leaning on the Lord.

David expressed his desire to call upon the Lord, to commune with Him, and to make requests of Him.

David declared his utter dependence upon the Lord for the necessities of life.

David looked beyond his own abilities and saw the limitless provisions of the Lord.

Therefore he wanted nothing more than to be able to call upon the Lord


Comfort in the Lord provides hope (5-6).


God has a sheltered place for us.


David said the Lord would hide him in His pavilion.

It was a tent erected in the middle of the army’s encampment.

It was surrounded by an army of brave soldiers.

It was the safest place on the battlefield.

It was a place protected by the soldiers and entertained by the king during the battle.


God has a secret place for us.


It is the place of worship.

It is a place where the very presence of God dwells and the glory of God can be seen.

It was there that God took David during the battles of his life.

It was there that David found himself shut up with God and shut off from the world around him.

It was a place that gave him quiet, peace and the profound presence of God.


God has a secure place for us.


The Lord would set David on a rock, a place that is unchangeable, powerful and immovable.

This Rock was none other than the Lord Himself (Psalm 40:1-2).

David was promised a place of refuge that would lift him far above the stormy seas that would threaten to drown him.


God has a special place for us.


David said he would worship the Lord.

He would praise the Lord because of the things the Lord had done for him.


Some thoughts.
  • In the midst of battles, we must have hope.
  • We must have the deep, settled confidence that everything is going to be alright.
  • We must praise the Lord.
  • God has brought us to that special place of blessing from which we can offer praise to His name.
Praise the Lord!

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