Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Adam was alone. He had no one to share with him. He was very lonely.

All the animals moved around him in pairs, rubbing necks and shoulders, following one another closely and intimately.

Adam was made to see his loneliness. He yearned for a partner.

God put Adam to sleep.

God created Eve from Adam's rib.

God created Eve specially for Adam.

Eve was taken out of Adam’s side to be equal with him.

Eve was taken from under Adam’s arm to be protected by him.

Eve was taken from near Adam’s heart to be loved by him.

When Adam awoke, He saw an absolutely beautiful and perfect woman there with him.

Adam’s immediate response was “Yes!”

Finally, here was the woman whom he couldn’t live without.

Finally, here was the woman who was compatible with him and who completed Him.

Adam had the heartfelt love for Eve.

Adam was sure that Eve was the woman God has created just for him.

How about you? Have you found your beloved? I have.

Happy Valentine's Day 2012.

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