Friday, February 10, 2012

Stand Up, Our Children

Get up! Our dear Children.
Stand firm and stand strong!
Get ready and always be ready,
And walk on your own!

Finally it comes,
Now that you have to be alone,
Learning and doing things on your own!

Now we can't watch over you,
Now we can't lend you our hands,
Now you are far, far away from home.

Oh! Our dear Children.
Carry out your plans carefully,
Make your choice wisely,
And walk your path with caution.
Walk well, our dear Children, walk well.

Remember those early days,
When we had you in our arms,
Oh! How much hurt, pain, fun and joy we shared!
Remember those many times we helped you,
Until you finally stood and walked on your own.
Oh! How many tears of joy we must have cried together!

Finally, finally it comes!
There you are...
Far far away...
Over the other side of the world,
Far far away...
Struggling and fighting on your own.

Oh! Our dear Children.
Get up! Stand up! Stand firm!
Be strong and walk on your own!

Oh! Our dear Children!
We promise to be there with you.
We will never be far away!
God knows how we always have you in our mind and heart.
And how many times we earnestly cry and pray for you.

Oh! Our dear Children.
Stand firm and stand strong.
May the Lord God be with you,
And may He be with us too!

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