Monday, February 6, 2012

Que Sera, Sera

The fact that Christians are going to church on a regular basis is a big deal to them.

It may seem a small, unimportant or insignificant event to some people, but rain or shine, occupied or free, happy or sad, these people are always there in the church, worship their God and enjoy the service proper.

Some of them have been there for the past many years; some since their childhood years or their early youth. Maybe if you care to ask them, they will answer you the reasons for their joy in the Lord!

Some are newcomers. They are very excited and interested in all they do. They are very active to serve the church, and will readily share with you their newfound faith.

Christianity is of faith in Christ. It is the thought, the desire and the drive to love and serve God the Father through His Son, for His wonderful gift of salvation.

Are these people wrong in putting their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?

Maybe. And if that is true, they would be the most miserable of all people on earth. For if there is no God, and if the afterlife is a fairy tale, then let's eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!

Many people are now talking about the last days, and the last day.

Some are rushing to God.

Some continue to enjoy themselves. They just wouldn't care.

What about you?

Is it still, "Que Sera, Sera, What will be, will be..."?

Or is it the time to renew your faith in God?

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A Mom said...

loved reading the articles here...keep it up!