Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winning Friends

Have you heard people speaking nasty words about others lately? Do you see them doing nasty things too? Have you witnessed their friends jeering and cheering them on?

Don't be too surprised! This is exactly what many people in the world are doing right now. If they think they can't beat you, they will try other ways to discredit you and destroy you! And if you think you can't beat them, they think it is better for you to join them!

Winning and losing have become an important part of our lives today. We compete virtually in everything and for everything. We prepare ourselves for every opportunity, every offer, and every situation to challenge one another. We just want to win. Losing is shame to our pride. Even our goodness and cleverness are put into competition today.

And people prefer to side with the winners, and not the losers. So if you are always a loser, you are not only out of the tournaments, you are out of your circle of friends! Winners always stay together, and they make great boast!

I was once like that too. I was once there with my circle of winning friends. Winning is fun! Winning is important! Winning is addictive! Winning must be a regular occurrence! Winning is everything! Winning is the only thing!

But who can win everything? Who can win every time? Everyone will have their falls some time in life. Me too! And so the losers quit, and the winners keep fighting. It is like dog fight, and more dog fights! And losers will just have to retreat and quit!

But it is alright to lose sometimes. We need to learn from our mistakes and then move forward. We need to learn to avoid making the same mistakes twice. In due time, God willing in the near future, we will succeed again.

It's never true that "Once a loser, always a loser." Losers never stop fighting. They continue on, and they will eventually win. They may not be that good fighting in the same red ocean, but they can create a blue ocean of their own. They will then have their new friends and friendships in the blue ocean.

We do not always have to fight in order to win. Some people who like to fight, have in the process, discover that they have won many wars but lost the battle eventually.

Life can be quite miserable without our friends. It's better then, as we grow older and wiser, to win some friends near us or round about us, to accompany us till we breathe our last.

Let's start rather to win friends than fighting personal wars.

The blue ocean would be nice. We are peacemakers, not breeders of strife and contention. We don't want to fight to win!

But we want to seek friends, companions, and partners. We want to nurture our loved ones who nurture us. And we will learn to win their trust and confidence!

Everyone wants to win. Me too! But I prefer to win friends.

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