Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High Hope

The Lower Six students have just reported to the school. Registration and orientation for the new students are conducted promptly and effectively by the prefects and the senior students.

After a few days of intensive programs and activities to make them realize and appreciate the school's values, culture and environment, the new students are made to settle down fast and be ready to choose their subjects combinations and get serious about their study.

It is heartening and uplifting to observe and admire their zeal and courage and love to get to know the subjects offered. They throw in a lot of questions to the teachers. They even inquire the teachers about the various strategies and techniques to work toward their goals.

It is also heart-warming and inspiring to see the teachers advertise and promote their subjects. Various efforts are made to get hold of quality students and to attract a hugh and devoted following.

Much discussions are underway and some students even move from class to class to have a better look.

I am stirred up and ready for the challenges ahead. My only hope is that their interests and curiosity will not fade away soon. I hope they are not like the flowers that sprout out happily below the stones, blossom for a little while, and wilt and die fast.

They have high hope in me just like I have high hope in them. Together, let's struggle and create history.


Not The Rockefellers said...

The better you nourish and care for your students the longer they will thrive.

Your love of teaching is apparent in this post.

Never lose that

Peace - Rene

Anonymous said...

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