Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lonely People Need Not Always be Lonely

Sometimes I feel lonely in the midst of some meetings.

I try to pay attention and listen carefully to the voices of those who speak but they seem so foreign and don't seem to interest me. Instead they provoke me to anger and bring me to shame, and I just have to shut off my ears, close my eyes, or turn my attention away to something interesting.

I don't see the point of listening to negative commentary about somebody. Who are we to judge others privately, thinking and feeling we are a class above all others? Who are we to criticize others, when we ourselves are doing the same disgusting things? Who are we to cause shame and embarrassment to one who is so innocent and kind to us all this while? But somehow this group of people are ready with their justifications and excuses if any query arises.

I also don't enjoy listening to someone who mumbles and rambles and talks aimlessly. I believe in thinking through what we have to share and then talk clearly and precisely. Don't speak when our thoughts and speech are not ready. Indecisive and hesitations have always cost us many hours of wasted valuable time. And I am sick of wasting time.

Sometimes I manage to find someones who are as lonely, and we smile helplessly and shrug our shoulder. Sometimes we sit together and share our thoughts. In due time, lonely people stick close together in the midst of a meeting and talk happily.

Lonely People Need Not Always be Lonely.


Not The Rockefellers said...

If being kind to others means being lonely...then I will choose to be alone.

Thank you! And now you are not so alone.

Peace - Rene

Xeph and Reem said...

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