Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gaining Respect

How do you gain your respect from your friends? The bible has a straightforward answer : Love your neighbors as yourself.

Answer like this seem so far fetched but is really a natural and necessary ingredient for a happy and contented lifestyle.

If only we have more respect for our friends' knowledge and expertise, we will gain more wisdom and understanding. The funny thing is that as we grow older, we become more stubborn. We want others to listen to us but we never like to lend our ears to them. Oh! How I wish we are like the willows, ever willing to bow and be humble.

If only we have more respect for our friends' standing and position, we will submit and be of assistance to them who work hard for the good of the people. But the funny fact is that as we grow older, we just love more strife and contention. Winning has become a familiar sensation that needs to be nourished and nurtured often to thrive. We just can't spend a moment without argument and disagreement.

If only we have more respect for our friends' personality and character, we will be more loving and tolerance, and will always respect their stance and view. The funny truth is that as we live longer, we have our own mindset and our ways to approach different things. And other people's views and assertions are just pure wasting of time. Oh! What thick and nearly impregnable face we have, and how unashamed of our look.

If only we are more generous and favorable toward others, we will have more close and loving friends, who will always respect and stand by our side.

Yeah, if only we respect others as ourselves...

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