Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Miss Our Home

It was never easy to send someone dear to the airport and then said goodbye. I for one had a hard time seeing my son went on that plane and traveled away from us.

There was nothing to be sad or worry about. He was on his way to further his study. And the fact that he had gone on a flight much easier before gave us great confidence that he could carry himself on the far away land. Nonetheless, the four of us did feel a bit upset when he was moving toward the departure passage, waving his hand and smiling.

My youngest daughter was without words as she greatly missed her brother. My eldest daughter also covered her tears as she had only enjoyed his presence for a short while after returned home two weeks ago. My wife was worried and full of advices for my son. I was much quieter today though deep inside I wanted my family to be together. But we knew that all things worked for good for those who loved the LORD. And so we bid him farewell with our smiling faces.

Driving home was with a sad note. Everyone was quieter though the drive was smooth. The heavy downpour did give us a bit more melancholy.

When we reached home, we rested and had our baths. Then we had our dinner and then the children were back to their own room. It was not until we heard the phone rang that we rushed out of our rooms. My son had arrived and he sounded happy. Everyone was again smiling and laughing.

But we miss our son. And we know we will miss our eldest daughter again when she goes to further her study next mouth. But as we think of our youngest daughter – we know that she is the loneliest of all. But we know that she will go one day as well to further her study.

Looking around the big house, we wonder when will it be filled again with love, joy and peace...

Yeah, we miss our home...


J. Leigh Designz said...

I don't want to think of when my kids move out LOL! We already told the eldest we'd build an addition to the house to keep him here LOL!

Seriously though I hope I handle myself well when they do. I remember clearly the day my hubby then boyfriend moved out of his parents to move in with me. His mother stood in front of me balling saying I was taking her son from her...not fair at all!

Joe-ann said...

we also used to be so joyful and together in a one big house. I just miss those days.But I think life is really like that,now that we all have family of our own,then life would be different.I don't wanna think of the day when it's time for my son to move out. I think I'll just savor the moment now that he's still young.=)

ROSILIE said...

Seeing loved ones leave is really painful. We have that pain regardless with the number of times they come home and go.

gLoR!e said...

There is nothing permanent in this world except Change.