Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Cares? They Are Not Our Children.

During weekdays, I normally park my van outside the school's back gate every evening, waiting for my youngest daughter to return from school. Yet that 15-20 minutes wait often filled me with emotions.

I see students hurry out with no considerations of the moving vehicles. They knock on vehicles with no fear and just smiling away. They run and race with the other students. Sometimes they shout and curse at one another. I wonder why children are so reckless and rude today.

I see students digging into their pocket and taking out packs of cigarettes. 13-15 year old teenagers puffing cigarettes in public. Some of them even walk around borrowing lighter.

I see students drinking low grade alcohol and wine behind the trees, talking foolishly and jeering at the people around.

I see girl students with the thick and heavy makeup and the latest hair fashion. I see them speaking into expensive and trendy handphones. But I am sad to see they bring along only a few books to school.

I look at the parents around with their younger children. Everyone is waiting with anticipation and anxiety. Some stand very near to the school gate because they have sick, retarded and problem children. Everyone is very keen to get their children home early.

The public seem not to care much about others. Some are smoking and cursing in public. Some are speaking with dirty language. Some are booing and jeering one another. Some just spit and urinate wherever they feel fit.

But no one will speak up about the social ills around us. Everyone is busy protecting their own children, making sure that they are not influenced.

The common response is always the same – "Who cares? They are not our children" .


BaS said...

you shoukd start the action...
Don't just write down ur thought in a blog...ask your surrounding to make different!! It's your own environment Mam. If you just think about it all the time...then you've missed it! remember you own son and daughter...they are easily contaminated with bad example from wrong sources

Gary R. H. said...

You are posting here, but you aren't saying anything either, right?

Not all parents are too busy protecting their own or else this wouldn't be happening. Sadly, many parents just don't seem to care and obviously the school system doesn't either. Schools have almost no power over children in todays world and that is where it needs to start. Yes, parents do need to control their kids, but when they can't it is up to the schools to protect kids from those who misbehave.

If nothing else, let the schools call the police and have every single child who is smoking, drinking, and urinating in public be arrested. And if they don't, maybe you should.

As for the cell phone, makeup, and hair... well, there isn't anything you can do about that and you shouldn't worry about it either.

Dorothy L said...

To step out and approach any of these kids could become a huge legal battle these days. The law has put a protective shield around kids so noone can talk out of turn to them not approach them in any manner.
They use to have PTA meetings when my kids were in school which helped address such issues. There were rooms full of parents attending. I do not know what they do today. Parents have to stick together and be a large number for the Board of Education/Government to even take notice.
They are so caught up in their elections and is no wonder these kids feel they are above the law...they know they are but a minor glitch in the world today and noone with any real force will take the time to stop them.

With the cell phones and text messaging these kids are becoming totally desensitized toward all human feelings and consideration.
Why are all of these young children walking around with cell phones is a concern of mine.
So where did this downfall of our children begin???
I can honestly say that I am glad that my kids are done with high school...but I do fear for my granddaughter. She is growing up in an era where it is all accepted and it is the norm...that is very scary.
Thank you for your awareness post.

Have a great day!