Friday, April 16, 2010

Carefree Wondering And Wandering

It was a cool and quiet morning. I was doing my daily routine in the staffroom. The office building where I used to work was still under repair. The electricians would be around to do the rewiring later in the day.

It had not been an easy week for me, doing most of my work in a messy room. But there was no use complaining or getting overly angry; what was destined to happen would eventually happen. It was better to just sit back and smile, and start to count every single blessing we had received.

Sitting in another teacher’s place made me feel uneasy. The table was clean and tidy. There were piles of students’ exercise books arranged neatly on the left, and a book rack in the middle, filled with files, textbooks and reference books. There were also a cup, two spoons, some small baskets and many other equipments and accessories. I was especially attracted to a pink plastic rose; it was plain but beautiful in its own way. I looked around for some sort of name plate. There! The place belonged to a lady teacher. Oh yes, I remembered her. I never knew she was sitting here. She was a hardworking teacher, very disciplined, systematically doing all her works well in the allocated time. From the look of her place, I presumed she most probably enjoyed every single bit of her teaching career.

Looking through the tinted window, I could see the palm trees waving, shaking and dancing, welcoming the daylight. They continued to maintain their postures and gestures, seemingly unperturbed by everything and anything that had happened.

I looked around. I could see no student loitering around the corridors and the path leading to the canteen. The bell had just rung and the lesson had begun. The students were most probably waiting for their teacher in the classroom, I told myself.

Then I saw groups of teachers walking together, carrying their books, rushing straight to their classroom, full of zeal, concern and love. It was an encouraging sight; it warmed the heart and lifted the spirit higher. If only the other teachers would do likewise, I told myself.

I could feel the cold breeze blowing, moving and turning around corners, rushing down the green slope of tall trees, bushes and beautiful flower garden. It would be amazing to have the cool air embracing and kissing me in the beautiful morning.

Then I woke up and realized that I was resting and rambling in a hall with the air conditioner and the ceiling fan turned on. It was very cooling here, I told myself and smiled. Surely it could be very cooling outside, I giggled with red face.

I returned to my work, catching up with what I had left behind earlier. After some time, I took another break, talking to some friends. Then I looked outside the window, and my mind wandered again.

Oh yes! I enjoyed this place and my carefree wondering and wandering.

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