Monday, April 5, 2010

She Has Done What She Could

Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus with costly oil.

Jesus said, “She has done what she could. She has come beforehand to anoint My body for burial” (Mark 14:8).

The words struck me to the core.

“She has done what she could.”


I sat back, took a honest look into my life.

It was so messed up.

So much confusion, some much doubt.

So much struggle, so much emotion.

So much anxiety, so much fear……

Sometimes I didn’t even know what I was thinking and talking.

Sometimes I didn’t even know where I was walking and going.

Sometimes I didn’t even know whom I was serving and pleasing.

My life was an absolute mess of all these!


Who could help me?

Who could show the way out?

Walking in ever widening circles.

Talking in many riddles and half-truths.

Ever wandering, ever wondering.

Ever seeking, ever striving.

But just couldn’t find a clear direction to my life.

Oh! Whom do I serve?

What had I done with my life?


“She has done her best.”

It was so far-fetched and distant.

So impossible, so unachievable.

But it was so true, so so true.


I heard a distant cry of a child.

“I have done my best too. What do you want?”

It was me, me.......many years ago when I was young.

“I just want you to be faithful.”

“And I will be faithful.”

It was the still small voice that I had heard often before… many times.


Mary Magdalene continued to wipe Jesus' feet with her tears and hair.

Her heart must be ebbing with her many sins and failures.

She must be crying silently at that time!

“Oh Lord, can I wipe your feet with my tears too?” I cried.

I knelt and prayed, crying for my sins and failures.


“She has done what she could.”

“She has done her best.”

“I just want you to be faithful.”

“And I will be faithful.”

(Have a Good Friday and Happy Easter!)

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