Saturday, April 10, 2010

Keep Smiling

It was Saturday afternoon.

I had just finished replacement class in the morning.

As I stepped out of the office building, I squinted my eyes because of the glaring hot sun.

I hesitated a little and looked around.

It was rather warm today, and windless.

I began my walk to my van, carrying my laptop and holding my jug of tea as usual.

Many students rushed pass me........hopping and running.

They must be very eager to go home, I told myself and smiled.

They looked pretty tired and restless, and I sympathized with them.

No one wanted to study or work on a weekend.

But sometimes we had to, to have a longer holiday!

I smiled to myself, rather sheepishly, I presumed.


As I reached the van. I was sweating profusely.

Feeling rather thirsty, I turned my attention to my jug of tea.

Oh! It was empty.

I smiled to myself again.

I didn't know when I started to love smiling to myself.

But it felt good and it had been my best medicine in every circumstance.

I opened the door, put down my laptop and my empty jug.

Then I wound down the windows.

The hot air was turning my van into a sauna, I smiled again.

I waited under the shade for my youngest daughter who was studying in the same school.

It wasn't long before we started our journey home.

We had a smooth drive, carefully maneuvering through narrow lane with big swarm of students.

The van was very warm but the air conditioner was working fine.

Traffic wasn’t heavy as we reached the main road........


We reached home early.

We had our lunch.

I rested a while and took a long cool bath.

I rested again, then began my Entrecard drops and Adgitize clicks.

I smiled again, rather happy with the flow of web traffic to my blogs lately.

A smile can really brighten my day and bring people to my life, I told myself.

My wife looked at me and asked, "Why are you smiling?"

I smiled again.

And keep smiling.

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carol esguerra colborn said...

i kept on smiling as i was reading this!