Thursday, April 22, 2010

Speaking The Truth In Love

Some of us enjoy speaking. We want people to look at us and listen to what we have to say.

We speak with eloquence on certain subjects and topics. We use appropriate hand gestures and facial expression. Sometimes we raise our voice a little or talk louder than usual to gain attention. Sometimes we speak very close to the ear as if the subject or topic is highly confidential or sensitive. Sometimes we use our quick wit and some famous quotes and sayings to impress and delight our audience.

I enjoy watching people talking. There are always things to learn.

Once, I admired their eloquence, their ability to handle continuous speech without limiting vocabulary, and their stunning performances. They are talented and can easily attract many people to listen to them.

But now my attention turns to those who can speak the truth in love.

Now I enjoy mixing with those who can speak with honesty, conviction, integrity and sincerity.

I have great respect for people who can say “I don’t know” when they really don’t know, or “this much I know” when their knowledge is limited, or “this I do know” when they have learned enough to share.

I enjoy listening to those who speak with conviction on what they have actually experienced and have seen things happened. I don’t want imaginative and flowery details to make the story exciting.

I desire to mix with those who speak with integrity and sincerity. These people speak precisely what they practice. You don’t hear empty and funny talks from them. They are what they are, and they don’t want to hide it or boast about it.

But most of all, I love to go with those who speak the truth in love. These people know the importance of telling the truth. These people also know the importance of tender loving care. And now they are practicing both by telling the truth in love.

They choose their friends carefully. They share what they know and what the hearers need to know. They speak to edify and to encourage.

They always want to speak the truth in love.

They had experienced similar situations in the past and they don't want others to fall into the same trap and danger.

They want to share the truth in love, before it is too late and things become really bad.

Ever since I have friends like this, I desire to be like them.

May be you should also learn to speak the truth in love.

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