Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Forest And The Trees

A red sedan was following closely from behind.

A middle age man was behind the wheel.

He looked worn out and tired, most probably because he was woken up from sleep or he had a long sleepless night.

I was at the road junction leading to the main road when I first took notice of him.

He was very impatient to overtake me, driving very closely to my bumper.

I examined him from the rearview mirror. He looked rather old for his age, full of lines and wrinkles, with unwashed face and uncombed hair.

Then I saw him yawning, a long deep yawn, with tears streaming down his eyes. Oh! He must be really tired. Then I saw him taking another yawn, and another.

The front passenger was a young school boy, most probably his son. He was well dressed and his hair was well combed. He looked set and ready to go to school. He was determined and committed, probably well-disciplined in school too.

I saw yet another child in the backseat. He looked left and right, front and back, smiling and laughing away happily. He was curious as to anything and everything he saw; the world was a strange new place for him.

I was happy the father was not holding a stick of cigarette. It wouldn’t do him any good. Besides, it would jeopardize the health of his children.

I turned into the main road. The red sedan was still closely behind. Then my mind wandered......

Everyone is chasing after something in life.

The man may have a long and rough journey, feeling like giving up at times.

The young school boy is set to begin his journey well, feeling very committed.

The innocent child in the backseat is still wondering about his life, feeling optimistic and happy.

Some of us are like the man, seeing more of the forest than the trees, and are always stressful and bored.

Some of us are like the school boy, seeing more of the trees than the forest, and are single-minded and determined to do what he can.

Some of us are like the child in the backseat, admire both the trees and the forest, and are optimistic and happy all the time.

I wonder how little babies see the world. Do they see the forest or the trees or both?

How about you? What do you see?

The forest or the trees?

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imelda said...

im like the three of them at times,