Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Problems

The younger brother of a friend of mine was to get married very soon. It was said that he had caused a young girl pregnant. The two family were embarrassed and humiliated because people in the village were talking about it, spreading the news even to the nearby villages.

My friend was called to deal with the situation. She was to help as soon as possible. She had to leave her family behind in the town. She was not without her own troubles; for the past few weeks, she was having problems with her husband.

A hasty decision was made for the two families to meet. It was agreed that the two of them were to get married as soon as possible. Arrangements were made to have a simple wedding ceremony. Many in the village were invited to witness and celebrate the wedding. The issue was finally settled and everyone felt relieved and happy.

Before long, conflicts and quarrels broke out between the young couple. It was told that the young girl would leave the family and her baby behind after her delivery; she was to continue her study. The young man was also very unhappy. He had suspected that the baby was not his. It was rumored that the girl had affairs with other men too. The young man felted cheated and would not want the baby.

My friend was again called to deal with the situation. She was very sad and was really at her wit's end. Just then, her husband suggested that they would adopt the baby. My friend thought through and happily agreed. Who knows? Maybe the baby can help to bring their lives back together again.


Sometimes, our life is like this, and we just have to take things as they come. Worrying too much cannot solve our problems. We just have to deal with them one at a time, and hopefully everything will come out alright.

It is also good that we learn to deal with the other people's problems first even though we have our own problems. Who knows, in so doing, we may save our marriage!


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