Sunday, April 5, 2009

If I'm given another chance to live......

A farmer got tired and had a rest.

He was musing away and smiling to himself when he thought of what the animals would say if they were given another chance to live......"


The cat would say, "I would rather be a mouse. I had once stolen a fish, and I was badly beaten. But when the mouse ransacks the whole kitchen and eat all the food, the human just shakes the head and says what can we do."

The mouse would say, "I would rather be a cat. The cat has ready food and eat nice meals all its life. But many of my friends were eaten by the cat just for stealing a little food from the kitchen."


The pig would say, "I would rather be a cow. While the work may be tough and the days may feel long, the cow has good reputation for being hardworking. Yet when the human look at me, they always brand me as a lazy and stupid pig."

The cow would say, "I would rather be a pig. Human squeezes my milk and give me only grass. I work so hard, but what do I get? Look at the pig, lying comfortably in the pigsty doing nothing, just waiting for food... and eat, sleep and grow fat and big."


The eagle would say, "I would rather be a hen. Ample food and drink, ready shelter and protection. You name it, she has it all. But all day long I'm tormented by the scorching sun and lashing rain. And then I must be ready and careful to find prey and avoid being preyed. Life is really hard and tough."

The hen would say, "I would rather be an eagle. I can soar high up in the sky and enjoy the beautiful sights. I can dive fast from above and grab all I like to eat. But what have I here, eat and lay egg everyday. And the moment I'm caught laying fewer eggs, I will be targeted for slaughter"


The man wakes up and continues his work.

He finally realizes that true contentment is in the heart, and not in the surroundings. Change your surroundings, you may be happy for a while. But change your perspective of life, and you will live a happy and fulfilling life.

And he smiles broadly and happily again.

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Ratty said...

A great story, and an even better lesson. This is the kind of story that I have liked ever since I was a kid.