Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playing Guitar With My Heart

I remembered the younger days, when I loved to carry my guitar around and played some songs. I still recalled the sentimental songs that I loved to sing. And as I sang, I plucked the strings along, and enjoyed that romantic feelings and the company of my loved ones and my friends.

I remembered seeing some of my friends who had pretended that they knew how to play a guitar, holding tight to it and sitting closely with their love ones. Yeah, guitar did played an important part in our courtships and friendships during our younger days.

Playing guitar cooled me down and made me relaxed. It made me concentrate on my song and led others to sing along. We enjoyed our sense of belonging as we sang along and stared longingly at one another.

But playing guitar also got me into much troubles. I became unduly emotional in everything I did. Everything I thought and did centered solely on my feelings. And I had broken many hearts and hurt myself deeply as well. Many broken relationships and many sad memories hinged on my crazy love for my guitar.

I have not played guitar for many years now. And I miss the feeling very much.

Few months back, my children insisted that I got them a good guitar. We scouted around town, in and out of many shops, finally we managed to get a guitar of our dream.

So I started to tune the guitar. Then I realized that I had oversized fingers. Oh no, I couldn't even touch one string at a time. I laughed and sighed to myself. I managed to get the guitar tuned right after quite sometime. Apparently, my sense of listening to music had also deteriorated.

I looked at my oversized fingers and held my grip. Oh no, my fingers felt so stiff.

So what do I do now? I decide to make music with my mouth and play my guitar with my heart. Yeah, I can still hear myself plucking the strings, though faintly and full of sad tunes...


Jodi said...

Awesome post, what a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this.


ROSILIE said...

I always get amazed of seeing people playing guitars. I did try learning that before but never had the regular patience so I rather settled to listening only.

Music is always a release. Good for you then!