Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Road To Life

It was a long journey. I was walking slowly along the side of a road to the hospital. Traffics was as usual and the weather was especially kind. I was 15 and was having my mid-term holiday. I was bringing food everyday at this hour to my father in the hospital.

For many days I had been very unhappy. I had been reasoning within myself... Why people had to die...

Every time I thought of my father lying down helplessly in the hospital made me sad and mad. He was an iron man who had traveled all the way from China 50 years ago to this beautiful land of Sarawak. Started as a shop assistant and a laborer, he was determined to climb his way up to be a successful businessman. He was a man of vision and mission, who desired to make his first million soon. He moved to a border town to supply the needs of the two sides of the local economy. Situation was tough but didn't break him down. Together with his wife, he made a decent living there. Soon the place was developed and more business opportunities were at hand. But he was ousted out of the town during his peak years. Envy and jealousy were rampant in business wars, as everyone started to play local politics and dirty tricks.

He started afresh as a vegetable seller. His spirit remained strong. He was still an iron man. And he supported and provided for his many sons and daughters.

But he was diagnosed with throat cancer, probably due to his heavy smoking during his prime years. There he lay down helplessly in the hospital after the operation.

As I turned towards a short cut route, the place became quieter and I felt very lonely. But I couldn't get rid of the thought that life was a cycle. We are born as a child, we grow up and we go to school. We then have to make a living, yeah we may prosper in one way or another. Then we grow old and helpless, we get sick and weak, and we die.

Is that all that is to have? Is life just a cycle that goes on and on? Are we just miserable creatures living throughout our life on our own alone? Oh God, my creator, where are you?

My father died, but I was awaken years later. Thank God for saving and reviving me. I finally was led to realize that the chief end of man is to worship and to enjoy God and not to chase after worldly gains. Yeah, I had made my first million when I was brought to know the LORD Jesus Christ. And I will make millions more as I live my daily life to please Him only.

Life is no longer meaningless as I can relate everything to my Heavenly Father in prayer.

Yeah, I have found my road to life.


ROSILIE said...

Im sorry to hear of your dad's loss but I am glad too that you have the courage to move on and remained spiritual in that matter. my best wishes to you always.

Tina said...

What a great story with wonderful insight. Thank you for sharing. May God continue to prosper you.

sagar said...

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Shu Fen said...

great story...

have been a regular EC dropper :)

but today i stopped to read cus my grandpa is in the hospital right now and his life is in danger...

we're going to visit him tomorrow...

Viccisitudes of Life

Star-chuu said...

Losing our love ones, sometimes lead us questioning our Creator. But behind it, He heals our heart and help us to accept. We have only one life that God wants us to understand, He wanted us to Know Him, to Love Him and To serve Him, by accepting His Son, we are save. Thanks for this post, it means too much for me.