Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Are Multi-Millionaire

I was attending a birthday gathering, when someone dear to me sang a chinese song entitled something like "if I have a million dollars."

I was enjoying myself listening to the song when suddenly I realized that all of us are millionaires in one way or another. 

Our present conditions are not that bad. We have enough and we are able to provide sufficiently for all our loved ones.  

But we grumble and complain, and we want more. We want to have a million dollars.

Many of us are born a millionaire because we are born with no deformity.

And many of us grow up a millionaire because we are healthy and strong most of the time.

And many of us are ready to be a millionaire because we have completed our education and training.

And many of us are living the life of a millionaire because we have a job and are able to satisfy our needs. 

And many of us are enjoying the life of a millionaire because we are happily married and we have raised up many children.

And may of us are already living the life of a multi-millionaire because we have finally found satisfaction and fulfilment in everything we do. We know how a simple and contented lifestyle under the protection and the provision of God is all that we need.

In fact, we don't need that million dollars for we are multi-millionaires.


The Fearless Blog said...

Touche! I agree...excellent post. Being healthy and breathing everyday makes us immensely wealthy and blessed. So many people have large bank accounts, fancy cars and expensive homes but they lack love, health or happiness.

I "do" seek success and do not reject money, for it obviously provides for a comfortable living. However, money above all else shall never be my goal or my desire.

ROSILIE said...

True happiness is really from the things we perceive as senseless and ordinary.

If only people would see the wealth of life and living, then, there could be millions of millionaires with immeasurable treasure.

Chatterbox said...

Brilliant post.Indeed thought provoking.

If only we could be thankful for our strengths and grateful for what we have rather than sulking over what we don't possess, the world would have been a much peaceful and happier place to live in.

LIZZIE said...

You're right. We don't need riches in form of money. There are many types of other riches that are much more fulfilling and complete. People just forget all those fundamental points because they're just too caught up in the way of life that we've been taught from young. I admit I sometimes forget too, but here's when we should wake ourselves up and see that the world holds many beautiful things rather than just $$$$... said...

Too many self-indulgences start with the love of a million dollars. If only we know how to apportion what we have for others, there will be less miseries and heartbreaks.