Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Take Time To Love

I discovered something very strange about lovers today.

During courtship, they can't tolerate each other's absence. They must come together once in a while. They must hear each other's voices when they are lonely. They can spend hours on the phone. They can look longingly at one another for a long time. They can sit closely and talk softly but audibly. They can hold hands, hug one another in public and walk together sharing the same umbrella.

After marriage, especially after they have more children, they can't tolerate each other's presence. They must part company for a long while because they have unfinished businesses. They hardly talk on the phone and they seldom look eye to eye. They sit far apart and talk horribly loud. They don't hold hands anymore, they don't hug one another in public, and they seldom share the same umbrella.

I have seen married couples with kids quarrel in public places. The husband then walked very far ahead, and the wife followed from behind grumbling and shouting at the children who couldn't follow the pace. Then I saw the husband paused for a while, talked even louder and continued walking. And I noticed many people around were watching and laughing away.

But I have also noticed old couples walking slowly together in love. They still hold hands together. They still hug one another in public. And they still share the same umbrella.

Love takes time and effort. And it can still be very romantic. ... But it takes a lot of patience and tolerance.


sagar said...

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ROSILIE said...

Seeing younger and older couples all consumed by love for one another is a delightful and inspiring sight. But, I have to agree with your thought, love is both a feeling and an action a couple must endure and act out consistently.

May love be always with you and your loved ones.

igvirene said...

You're right! Love fades. We have to choose someone who we're going to love despite all flaws. I really don't know why couples change after marriage. That's one thing I'm afraid of getting married, I don't want to regret that I married that someone. Thanks for this one!

Cheers! :)


LIZZIE said...

I think commitment and confidence in one another plays a major role in a relationship. Once you have that confidence, you'd be more tolerant and giving. I'm not saying that it could work with every couple. I mean, everybody have their own way of handling things.

However, I notice that the problem of those "quarreling" married couple are those basal things required in a relationship. Patience, understanding, faith..

But seeing old couples who are still very much in love as when they were first married can always make me smile. I wish to have that sort of marriage one day. I hope I can... *^_~*

yeokeehui@gmail.com said...

I believe if we truly love one another, then we will sacrifice all we have and all we are. Until then, love is just a romantic feeling or idea.