Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Emotional Outburst

The son was crying and screaming. His wife had left him for good. He had begged and pleaded for her to stay, but she would not; she had had enough. He just couldn't stop beating her when he came home drunk. And he always got drunk lately because he was feeling rather stressed in his job.

He told everyone around that he had no reason to continue living. Nothing he had done seemed to work. His boss was too demanding and had never stopped grumbling and cursing him. His work was too tedious and overpowering. Nobody in the workplace seemed to understand him. Everyone disliked him. He talked nothing else but to commit suicide.

His mother was listening quietly. She was shaken and upset. She was crying with tears all over her face. She was crying quietly and her body trembled.

She remembered many years ago how painful she had given birth to him. She remembered how many sleepless nights she had worrying about her only son when he was very sick. She remembered how she had brought him in and out of the hospital, even in the middle of the night. She remembered just how much she had suffered to bring him up a successful young man after her husband had passed away early. She was screaming and crying in her heart for her son who had given up hope living.

She was crying in her broken heart, and mumbling softly repeatedly, "Son, you still have me, your mother. Please don't go."

Her son just couldn't hear her.... What a son!

Her mother finally fainted and hit against the cement staircase.

The son turned toward the mother. It was a bad fall.

The son rushed his mom to the hospital running. It was too late...

He lost two beloved women that day.

Sometimes emotional outbursts can trigger chain reactions.

Do not say or do things that you will regret later.

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